Mouse Delta problem on the Windows 10 App

If a user’s mouse has been locked by the MouseBehavior property, and a GuiButton’s Modal property has unlocked the mouse, the Delta of the mouse will still be recorded, even though it shouldn’t be doing so.

This issue can be seen very clearly in a game like Apocalypse Rising:

In case is isn’t clear as to whats going on here, I’m in first person, but my mouse has been unlocked by the inventory UI. However, the mouse is still recording the delta as if it was locked, so the camera is rotating as I move my mouse around the screen.

Still hasn’t been fixed? The mouse also locks to the wrong position on first person

Mouse locking to wrong position is fixed and should be in the next release for win10. Mouse reports delta whether it is locked or not. I think this is correct behavior, although some of the default roblox cameras need to take this into account.

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