Mouse events don't fire while a TextBox is focused

In this GIF, I try to click on the smiley face inside of the TextBox. Now it has it’s own ScreenGui, and is not parented to the TextBox, and the smiley’s ZIndex is 500 for precautionary measures. Basically no events for the mouse will fire while a TextBox is selected, and the action is inside of the TextBox. I believe that this is not intended behavior.

I should also mention that the smiley also does not fire any events for the mouse as well. MouseEnter, MouseMoved, and MouseLeave to name a few.

Edit: mouse.Moved seems to work while a TextBox is focused, just not anything else



We’ll look into fixing this.


Awesome. As a temporary fix, I am detecting if the mouse is inside of the button and then forcing the client to lose focus of the TextBox they were in, assuming if they hovered over the smiley they wanted to click it.

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just a suggestion, but what I generally do with text boxes is create an image button and parent the text box to it, then add an event listener to focus the text box when the image button is clicked. this way you can create custom styles for your text boxes and add buttons that look like they’re part of the text box

This bug is only partially fixed, because at the moment double clicking the button is the only way to fire the MouseButton1Down event once, while the MouseButton1Up event fires twice. Currently my TextButton & TextBox are both used by a plugin, and that may be related to the issue, thanks!