Mouse jitter in studio

(moving camera left and right, mouse should stay perfectly still but it jitters)

Worse when quality level is higher I feel (slower render), but it happens regardless of quality level.
I also tried toggling hardware mouse on/off but didnt make a difference.

Issue not present in play solo (where it has the roblox mouse), only in edit mode


Are you using HardwareMouse? Go to Settings, it’s under Game Options.

As I mentioned, it has no effect (whether on/off). I reopened studio after changing that setting, as well.

My mouse has its own driver software thingy for sensitivity adjustment and stuff, I dont know if that changes how it works (but obviously it shouldnt still bug out like that)

I don’t think it’s entirely related, just curious.

I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on (at least on Windows), so I’ll check it out tomorrow at work. Thanks for calling it out, I hadn’t noticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is so annoying! it happens regardless of the HardwareMouse setting.

For me it only happens in studio while the game is running (not while editing).

edit: I noticed it when testing my game’s scrollbar:

Edit: Fixed dead gyazo links

Happened to me on mac but no windows

It might already be fixed but not live yet. But yeah, I’ll certainly check it out tomorrow!