MouseButton1Click no longer working right side of IPad

On Ipad devices the MouseButton1Click method of ImageButton no longer fires when used on the top right portion of the screen. I have received this report from many players (live engine), also I was able to reproduce it in studio using the IPad emulator. I will attach a repro file, where I have placed Image buttons on the left and right side of the screen. The buttons have been scripted to print to the output when the clicked method is called. The left one prints, while right does not.

I first noticed the issue today, but may have been happening the past few days.

BrokenRightSide.rbxl (19.6 KB)

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Hi @HenryDev,

This was caused by the new playerlist release. I have submitted a fix for this and will try to have it released as soon as possible.


Ok thank you for the quick response