MouseButton1Down but on mobile

The title says it, how do I convert mousebutton1down to something I can use on mobile? I searched for so long an the topics didn’t help me.
Thank you in advance

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if u want a small button u can use ContextService, if u want i ca help u

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No, I’m not using a UI, I just need to know how to detect the mouse going down but on mobile(like when they tap the screen

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MouseButton1Down works for both mobile and computer


on a GUI or only on the screen? on GUi only use MouseButton1Click on Screen use player:GetMouse()

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on the screen, but there is no mouse on mobile

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you can try, im sure it will work

I believe you could just use the context Action service or just even MouseButton1Click also Guiobjects have events for taping, swiping etc.

but its not a gui that I am trying to have the detection

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The UserInputService Has this:

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This is my problem:

as you can see i am constantly tapping and the animation wont play in the second video

show us your script, it works , if it doesnt you can get user input service

 local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")
  -- The parent of this script (a ScreenGui)
local touchScreenGui = script.Parent
  -- Create the GUI frame that the user interacts with through Touch
 -- events
 local touchGui ="Frame")
 touchGui.Name = "TouchGui"
touchGui.AnchorPoint =, 0.5)
  -- Fires when the touches their device’s screen
 local function TouchTap(touch, gameProcessedEvent)
 touchGui.Parent = touchScreenGui
 touchGui.Position =, touch.Position.X, 0, touch.Position.Y)
 touchGui.Size =,50,0,50)
  -- Fires when a user starts touching their device's screen and does not
 -- move their finger for a short period of time
 local function TouchLong(touchPositions, state, gameProcessedEvent)
 touchGui.Size =,100,0,100)
  -- Fires when the user moves their finger while touching their device's
 -- screen
 local function TouchMove(touch, gameProcessedEvent)
 touchGui.Position =, touch.Position.X, 0, touch.Position.Y)
 -- Fires when the user stops touching their device's screen
 local function TouchEnd(touch, gameProcessedEvent)
 touchGui.Parent = nil
 touchGui.Size =,50,0,50)
  -- Only use the Touch events if the user is on a mobile device
if UserInputService.TouchEnabled then

–using guiobject.touchtap:connect

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I just have to modify this part:

if Input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 or --TapEvent then

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I believe what you’re looking for is UserInputType.Touch.

You can view all the UserInputTypes here.