MouseButton1Down can fire MouseButton1Click events of overlapping buttons it makes visible

If MouseButton1Down fires on ButtonA, making ButtonB (which is overlapping) visible, then MouseButton1Click can subsequently fire on ButtonB.

Ideally MouseButton1Click shouldn’t fire on ButtonB since the user never fully tapped on the button.

Download link to repro (16.8 KB)

This bug has existed for the past few months from what others have told me.


I’m also experiencing this issue - both with a mouse and touch devices. In many scenarios, I’d prefer to use MouseButton1Down because it’s more responsive for these specific use cases but I’m forced to switch to MouseButton1Click to avoid this issue


This happens to me too. It’s very annoying. I have to either A) get clever with my code when scripting UI to make this a non-issue or B) by design make it so two UIs don’t overlap, ever.

Neither of these are that great and both are annoying to implement. Please fix.


If this is the case, this should probably be moved to #platform-feedback:engine-bugs.

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