MouseDelta() Only returns rounded numbers

I was trying to make a Custom First Person Camera, and was using the MouseDelta() function to change the direction of the camera, like any other fps game.
I noticed that the values from the function didn’t have any decimals, ex: 30,2 instead of in other game engines where the delta would be precise like 30.47, 1.84.
The camera rotation kind of snaps due to the whole numbers.
Is there any way to get the raw mouse data?

According to the documentation, GetMouseDelta returns the change in pixels so it makes sense it returns integers and not floats. A single pixel change is about as precise as you’re gonna get when determining whether the mouse moved or not.

Out of curiosity, which engines have you used where they give you floats for mouse positional changes?


Thank you,
Godot and Unity (probably Unreal too) use the actual mouse input, instead of the change in pixels.

For now I just lowered the sensitivity to 0.5, but Roblox should really allow raw input for mice.
I honestly might switch to Godot because Roblox’s CoordinateFrames are giving me brain rot, and Roblox really doesn’t promote singleplayer experiences that much.