.MouseEnter fires after clicking a GUI

I’m not even completely sure this is a bug, but it is VERY annoying. If you have a GUI, for example, a button. If you use .Entered on the GUI, it will fire after you click the GUI and move your mouse, even if your mouse hasn’t left the GUI area.

This bug happens every time.

You can reproduce it very easily. Just insert a TextButton, and the following code in a localscript:

PATH TO THE BUTTON.MouseEnter:connect(function()
print(“Mouse has entered”)

And click the GUI then move the mouse. It prints.

I would provide screenshots, but lightshot doesn’t captured the mouse.

I’m not sure if this is intended or not, but it is quite bothersome. I am not sure of when the bug originated, I just found it myself doing some work with GUI’s and MouseEnter.

Note: You can workaround this by adding an “Entered” variable yourself that is set true when MouseEnter is fired, and set to false when MouseLeave is fired.

I can second this - it breaks my button animations.

I’ve been having an issue with this, too. I was just about to file my own bug report.
I have nice little animations for mousing over a Gui, but it plays again if you click on it and move the mouse a little. MouseEnter fires again even though the mouse never left the Gui in the first place.

Can someone put this in the ‘Client Bugs’ subcategory?

You should make your own thread at this point. Check the date of the posts, it’s not a relevant thread any more.

If it was like a few months old it may be acceptable to just bump it, but this is over 2 years old now.

Blugh. I thought I was being on top of things.

I guess it’s too late now.

I’m already working on it


This is an issue again. Repro:
MouseEnter repro.rbxl (12.0 KB)

The fix isn’t live yet.

Oh, alright. Any ETA?

Soon TM

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Any news on this?

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That’s one heck of a Soon TM - 3 years!


Whoa, how comes UI events can be this unreliable for years?

Any news @Sharksie? It’s still happening ;(


I absolutely adore the fact that after 4 years when provided documentation and reproduction steps, this is still around. I’d love to get some eyes on it.

And still unfixed.

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