MouseIconEnabled property not working for plugin use

Currently the property ‘MouseIconEnabled’ is not working inside of plugin use. Let me explain:

When working with plugins we generally create UIs to help a plugin function.

Now before I explain further you should know that when a mouse is hovered over a UI, the cursor will change to the in game one. that looks like this:

I want to hide this mouse icon using the function in UserInputService with the property MouseIconEnabled
Changing the property looks like this:

game:GetService("UserInputService").MouseIconEnabled = false

However, this does not turn the Roblox cursor off which is my main problem. I could be doing something wrong but I don’t believe I am. This might be a bug or intentional but either way it would be nice for a way to disable the cursor that appears when hovering over UI.

I believe this is to differentiate between plugin UI and StarterGui.

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There still should be some way to edit the mouse for when it hovers over a UI though. I get why they would do it though.

If they do add a way to edit it, then it should be for studio users, not the plugin maker, as some users may think that the plugin has inserted a gui into their game (as the mouse won’t change when they mouse over it) and end up freaking out over nothing. I see your point, however.

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Plugins can already do a lot of malicious stuff just by tricking users with certain UI, adding random objects or even the viruses you see in a lot of free models, so I don’t see this as a valid reason. I agree if it’s put to bad use yeah some users would complain but there are many plugins out there that would do worse harm.

True. I see where you’re coming from. On the other hand, if we can’t stop malicious practices already used, we could prevent more in the future, but who am I to judge. In my opinion, I think that plugin makers would benefit from this, but there should also be an option in studio to disable this as well. That way, both the plugin makers and the studio users will benefit.

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I’d recommend making a feature request for using this in plugins as well as a way for users to disable it.

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I see it as a bit of both a bug and a feature request as this support should have already been working in the first place but I suppose it makes sense to move it.

I’m fairly sure that’s not wired up since Studio (in edit mode) doesn’t use a software cursor. We could probably make this happen, since I’m sure there are legitimate use-cases.


That’d be great of at all possible :grinning:


Is this still being fixed or is the change needed buried deep in studio’s old code? Either way, it’d be nice to know when this might happen or if it doesn’t at all.

Apologies in advance, but may I ask when or if this is still going to be fixed. There’s hasn’t been a response to the situation in a while.