MouseWheel clicks not picked up by UserInputService

I had planned to allow users to break from a locked first-person camera and look around with the middle mouse button, but UserinputService can’t even pick up mousewheel clicks.

If you hook up:

uis = game:GetService("UserInputService") uis.InputBegan:connect(function(input) print(input) end)

and click with your mousewheel, it doesn’t even print anything. This means that UserInputService doesn’t even recognize middle mouse button clicks – it should be aware of these clicks

Just to add, Mouse4 and Mouse5 (with scroll clicks being Mouse3) clicks aren’t detected either.


I don’t know about UserInputService, but I know you can get wheel movements out through player:GetMouse().

Off topic edit: I’ve only ever used the player’s mouse when I’ve needed inputs. What makes UserInputService a better method, if it is?

Yeah – that’s going to be nice to have for first person weapon switching (scrolling to switch weapons). It’d be even nicer though if I could utilize at least the middle mouse button clicks for something else as well though.

Move to feature requests? Just had someone on regular forums ask about this.

Mouse3+ were never accessible, and they totally should be. My mouse goes to 5.

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yes please

MouseButton3 is accessible now, I added this in summer 2015. The use case for higher mouse buttons seems limited (can basically be used for key re-binding only) but we could potentially add these.

Yeah that was the reason for my post here:slight_smile:

4 and 5 are usually used as back/forward buttons for convenience (e.g. Chrome)

You could say the same thing about Mouse3, really. I think we should definitely provide as many options as possible. Ideally we should be able to take input from any feature on any device.