Mousing over games on home page no longer shows creator

Using Chrome, Windows 10

Mousing over games on the home page used to also display the name of the game’s creator. It no longer does this for some reason.

You can see here which game my mouse is over, and how the creator isn’t there any longer.

Can’t confirm on Chrome on Windows 8.1
Extensions: AdBlock (Roblox is ingored), Merely’s group enhancer

I’m not seeing any problems on Chrome on Windows 10.

Make sure you’re not accidentally using a user agent switcher (you’ll see that behavior if mobile/tablet/xbox is the user agent)

I’m not using anything like that.

Tested on Chrome, Edge, Opera, IE and Firefox (without plugins and such).

It seems that I can only repro this in Edge, IE and the ROBLOX App on Windows Store. The others seem to work for me.

Works fine for me on Safari.

Works fine for me.
Chrome and Windows 10

It also doesn’t show for me. Chrome and Windows 10.

I checked all of my extensions and none of them were the issue.

Chrome, Windows 10, also not showing for me.