Move and Scale sometimes not goes straight

When I move, and scale it, sometimes it doesn’t go straight, it move slant.

If you know how to fix it, please reply.

Could you maybe add some images/videos to help us understand what problem you’re having? That would really help. :upside_down_face:


Try turning off constraints.

When a part is diagonal, it will not move straight. I do have a solution though. Instead of using Roblox standard tools, you can use an f3x btools plugin. Parts will then move straight.

Or another option is using Command + L to toggle between local and global.

I think you can just use Ctrl+L to switch between Global and Local scaling, moving, rotating etc.

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From what I read, this is likely because you have constraints enabled. To disable this, go to the Model tab and press ‘Constraints’ to prevent parts from slanting when you move and scale them. (If it isn’t already disabled.)

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Thank you, Ma’am, i’ll check it out.

Thank you, Sir, i’ll check it out.