Move attachments along world axes instead of parent's local axes

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to move attachments along the world axis in Studio.

I can press Ctrl+L to toggle between moving parts along local axes vs world axes, but I cannot do the same for attachments. This makes aligning attachments really annoying in some cases (ie. on unions with weird bounding boxes, or on rotated parts) because attachments are only movable along their parent’s local axes.

In the below case, I want to move the selected attachment to the right so it’s in the middle of the two leg parts. This is not easy because I cannot move the attachment along world axes. Instead I have to twiddle around with WorldPosition in the properties window to get close to where I need the attachment.

I should be able to press Ctrl+L to switch between world and local axes with attachments like I can with parts.


It looks like this was recently implemented!
You can toggle between local and world space with Ctrl+L.

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