Move #development-discussion lower on the main page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently annoying when I see posts for #help-and-feedback in #development-discussion . The solution to this problem would be moving the category in between #collaboration and #forum-feedback .

This image was inspect elemented.

That way, newer forum members would see this, and more likely use #help-and-feedback instead of #development-discussion :

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum by showing newer users that #development-discussion is not the only category, and most of their topics that are in #development-discussion can be posted in #help-and-feedback . This way, it would limit the number of bad posts in #development-discussion

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I don’t see an immense change, people once they scroll down, they’re bound to find out the #development-discussion category, and will continue to face the same issue as it is facing now.


I used to think Development Discussion was the only category also, and the human eye would see Help and Feedback as the first thing, so they would be more likely to post there.

It’s in human psychology to search for something which is missing, and we are back to square one.

Well then, how about we re-arrange it a little more.

At first glimpse, they wouldn’t see #development-discussion . In my opinion, it should be the 2nd to last category you should post in.

Lets put Development Discussion way down here:

The point is it can’t be hidden forever, someone is bound to find it out sooner or later, and we are back to the first stage.

Good idea though.

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This isn’t going to fix anything. #help-and-feedback is already visible without any scrolling. If someone thinks #development-discussion ie the only category when they can visibly see other categories, I don’t know what to say.

In Update 1, I said putting it closer to the bottom would be better due to forum users not being able to see the category.

Putting it on the bottom and putting #help-and-feedback on top will surely make forum users think it is the only category that they can post in for a while.

A. Why are you trying to trick people into thinking their is only one category? The other categories are meant to be used as well.

B. No it because when they can see other categories right next to help and feedback.

My point is #help-and-feedback is already visible with no scrolling. Moving it upwards won’t make it more visible.

Im talking about moving #development-discussion far down. I am not trying to trick newer members into thinking its the only category.

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Forgive me for thinking that. The way you worded your post made it seem like that.

There is no point. #help-and-feedback is already extremely visible.

What I am saying is, it would limit the use of #development-discussion. The category name has a very misleading title, and moving it down would likely prevent people from mis-using it.

You really need to rewrite your post to what you really want. Right now you’re all over the place.

Ok. I re-wrote it. Is it better or no?

Flag the post or mute the category. Changing the positioning of Development Discussion isn’t a real deterrent for category misuse.

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Maybe you should read my following statement regarding this on another topic…

I also believe somebody else already made this feature request.

I don’t agree with you, new members surely know how to scroll.
Moving it to a lower place doesn’t mean it’s hidden.
It just will be annoying

While I’m disagreeing with the OP, i wanted to know, how will it be annoying?

They have finally fulfilled our request; #development-discussion is now below #forum-feedback!

Great job forum staff!

They even put it under #bulletin-board

I remember having a conversation with a former friend and in it he suggested that putting it under #bulletin-board would cause users to post the topics in #bulletin-board, by instinct. I’ve already seen a few topics in #bulletin-board (because discourse mobile does a really good job at hiding muted categories) that would have otherwise been posted in #development-discussion (but still inappropriate for the latter).

Now I think we’re going to get false bug reports saying it’s a bug that it’s moved down :pensive: