Move parts with all parts that touches it

I want to move anchored part with all pats on it,including players. All the ways I know is while loops with position and cframe and tween,but they just changing only part’s position.

When you move an Anchored Part using CFrames the Part isn’t physically moving, think of it as being ‘teleported’ in increments between the start and finish positions.
You either have to use a physical Part that uses BodyPosition or perhaps a PrismaticConstraint.
If you can use a PrismaticConstraint I made a sample for another player on this post:

How to make a moving platform that also moves parts on top of it - #2 by CharranCZ

Create a group of welds that join to the base part, ensure they’re unanchored. Since the BasePart is anchored, it’ll be made the RootPart.

If you move the BasePart now, all welded parts will be moved to maintain the offset.

The problem with WeldConstrains is that changing the CFrame updates the internal offsets while using legacy Welds lets you control it directly.

C0 and C1s are a bit complex to understand but there’s a lot of weld code that already exists if you want to understand how they work.

As @metatablecatmaid mentioned welds will work, but if you want the player to be able to move on the platform while it is moving then you’d likely need a physical constraint system.

Either solution works, for this to work however, you still need to join both parts together

Using physical constrains you can probably get away with WeldConstraints but I dont trust the dynamic offset code compared to that of hardcoded values.

I have an implementation of legacy welds that (for the most part) doesn’t get floating point error shifts that you can see in weld constraints.

With physical constraints if you set the moving Part’s Friction a bit higher players or Parts won’t slide off it easily. You don’t need to weld anything/anyone to the Part.
There may be an issue with lagging though if you have multiple players on the Part.