[move to platform feedback > studio features pls, ty] Improve developer control over SmoothTerrain LOD

As a Roblox developer, it’s difficult to view, modify, or otherwise affect the auto-generated terrain LOD. This is especially an issue when terrain is proximate to other level geometry like BaseParts:

It is possible to rectify this and make the LOD pretty with the current functionality, but the fix consists of putting your camera far out, eroding/subtracting some terrain, zooming back in, checking you didn’t remove too much and fixing it if you did, putting your camera far out once again… you get the idea. It’s trial and error, it’s a pain in the butt, it’s tedious.

In my mind, this process would be eased by allowing SmoothTerrain LODs to be “toggleable.” By this I just mean an ability to view and edit the terrain at different LOD levels, i.e, at LOD 0, LOD 1, etc… so, with this ability, rather than doing the distance-based editing described above, a developer could freely switch between LOD levels and edit terrain at whatever level he/she chooses. This could perhaps be some property of the Terrain instance.

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