Move to script won't work

Hi all
I am making a horror game in which the antagonist pops out of a portal
But for some reason the move to script is not working

Here’s the script

local Doll = game.Workspace.Doll2
local Humanoid = Doll.Humanoid
Doll.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = game.Workspace.Rio1.CFrame
game.Workspace.Major1.CanCollide = false

game.Workspace.Doll2.AI.Disabled = false

and this is the error that shows up when
Unable to cast Instance to Vector3

it says the problem is in line 6

you can get the vector by getting the object position
not the object itself or instance


Also check your spelling.
In the 3rd line you use Rio1.
in the 5th line you use Riot1.

no that was intentional as i suck in coming up with names