Move two characters and keep them synced on both players?

Basically like in Black Magic II where one player can launch another into the air. The attacker and the target both rise at the same time with no delay. I have tried cloning two body velocity to each player and they still manage to desync. Tried moving them with CFrame but end up fighting the place gravity when doing this, causing the characters to jitter. How would I go about moving them both up at the same time without any delay? This is filteringenabled by the way.

I would suggest setting Humanoid.PlatformStand to true on both of the Humanoids of each Character, and then .Anchoring both of their HumanoidRootParts. You could then use TweenService to smoothly move the HumanoidRootParts up in any fashion you want, though their .Position/.CFrame, leading to the whole character moving upwards.

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Worked on my client but the person I attack stays suspended in the air, or their character straight up turns invisible or floats off into the horizon.

Can we see your code? This sounds like a problem with how and where you Tweened the HumanoidRootParts.

local root = humanoid.Parent.HumanoidRootPart	
user.Parent.Humanoid.PlatformStand = true -- You platformstand.		
root.Parent.Humanoid.PlatformStand = true -- The enemy you hit platformstands.
user.Anchored = true -- Anchor your root.	
root.Anchored = true -- Anchor the person you attacked.		
local Anim1 = {Position = user.Position +, 10, 0)} -- Your root will move up 10 from where it currently was when you hit the enemy --		
local tweenInfo = -- It will take two seconds for you to reach the destination.			
local tween1 = TweenService:Create(user, tweenInfo, Anim1)
local Anim2 = {Position = root.Position +, 10, 0)} -- Move the enemy root up 10 from where he was when he got hit. --		
local tween2 = TweenService:Create(root, tweenInfo, Anim2)	
wait(2) -- After two seconds the tweens should be ended, revert the effects. -- 	
user.Parent.Humanoid.PlatformStand = false 
root.Parent.Humanoid.PlatformStand = false	
user.Anchored = false		
root.Anchored = false