[MOVED] Free Roblox GFX



Are you able to make a render of my roblox avatar?

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Sure, just contact me on discord.

I will be ending request at 11:00 AM PST

oh rip LOL it is 11:05

oh well

I will be doing more requests that cost money and robux starting later tomorrow.

Keep in note what is going on in the world, many people are losing jobs and struggling. Just a heads up so you don’t make prices too high

I would like 3 3D very cool GFXs, When you are Open, And if you want I could pay you 50 robux (Group Funds) If you want to…
Contact me on discord!
The GFX is going to be for a game…

50 robux isn’t enough to pay for 3 gfxes.

They were free.
That’s why, And I wanted to say that I give you 1k robux but you blocked me.
But mo problem, I found 2 people.

I blocked you because you were trying to get them for free when I said multiple times and you were not going to giving me 1k robux. You kept saying if I could do it for 50 and 10 robux which still wouldn’t be enough for the gfx.