[MOVED] RGM Ranking Service


Giving my honest opinion;
Why should we use your service? You’ve slapped your watermark twice on each product, your UI isn’t clean, and you don’t even make your own UI? I understand you have permission but still.


Sounds like something from Salami Ranking.

Now for the jokes, kinda funny you have “NEW PRICES” on your post like Salami’s (nothing against that, it’s just a bit of a laugh) [NEW PRICES] Salami Ranking Service || Application Centers, Rank Managements and more!

well, my rank sticks are not salami’s sticks, i deleted them. i’m using my own rn. about the GUI. I’m not a professional GUI designer so it does not look good. and i don’t use any of salami’s technology,
about the “watermark”, Salami has the “watermark” in his products same as me. all the GUI’s you see here where made by me.

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