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Hey, I’m UniversalScripter. I specialize in UI Design, Programming and Modeling and have considerable experience in all these fields. I’ve been part of the Roblox Development Community for almost a year now and I’m offering my services as an UI Designer.


Groups I've worked for

1. Incurr’s Legacy | 290k+ Members

Minimalist / Cartoony

Advanced / Detailed

‏‏‎ ‎

One Piece | Incurr's Legacy


Note that currently these aren’t Ui’s for entire games but rather to showcase the different styles of UI I can make.


Normally available for a couple of hours each day. On weekends I should be available throughout the day. You can contact me anytime, I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


[ I currently accept payments through Robux and PayPal ] Game UI ranges from 15-70k R$. This depends on the amount of assets, style/complexity. A 25% down payment is also in place to prevent any scams.

Full Game UI : Starting at 15k - 45k [$50 - $150]

Minimalist / Cartoony: 15k - 32k
Advanced / Detailed: 22k - 45k

Note that the prices are subject to change depending on demand.


Terms Of Service

1 - Right of Refusal of Service

I have the right to turn down any commission I receive. Whether this be due to your attitude towards me or other reasons.

1.1 - Commission

I do NOT offer services for UI Per Asset or Small UI Projects. All commissions are to be for full game UI. An exception to this is when you re-commission me to add onto what I’ve already made. If the exception does not apply I will reject your offer.

1.2 - Importing

The UI provided will strictly NOT be imported. I will be providing the assets in a .png format.

2 - Tax

If the transaction is being made via a gamepass, all tax must be accounted for.

2.2 - Refunds

I do NOT offer refunds once I start working on the project.

3 - Roblox ToS

The requested design cannot violate roblox ToS.

4 - General

A list of General Rules/ Guidelines.

4.1 Time

The commission should take no longer than ( approximately ) a week, unless the specified otherwise. I take the necessary time to complete the commission, whenever I get time so Do Not Rush Me.

4.2 - Schedule

You must respond to me within a few days of adding/asking for a commission, if you go silent for longer than this I will have to decline.

4.3 - Updates

All updates given will be watermarked. Seeing the UI in-game is strictly forbidden (Prevents client from gaining access to UI).

By commissioning me, you have agreed to all the above terms and conditions, your offer will be declined if you do not agree to the above terms and conditions.


The best way you can contact me is through a Discord Direct Message. Further details about the commission can be discussed there. If you have any questions feel free to ask!



Love the UIs, however I’d suggest lowering the Full Game UI prices a-bit. They’re quite a lot, especially for cartoony and minimalistic.


After taking the feedback given into consideration I have decided to lower my prices by 35% temporarily, which might and will increase depending on demand.

Commissions are open, Shoot me a Dm on discord.

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These are great prices! I see people who charge 40,000 robux or 150 USD and higher for full game UIs keep up the good work!

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Added new examples, and I’m also accepting payments through PayPal now!

Commissions Open [0/2]