[MOVED TO SCRIPTING SUPPORT] How would I go about creating curved roads using parts in multiple axies

I am trying to create a smooth curved road using waypoints and Beziers, with the resulting curve needing to both rotate around the y axis, and moving vertically along the y axis, similar to this map by the RoKarts team:

(Image using Bezier path plugin with wedges)

Link to Bezier path plugin: Bézier Paths - Roblox

Main issues with Bezier path, is that the generated road has repeated “bumps”, due to the wedges being placed along the Bezier in a pattern which creates an extremely uneven road.

I’ve also tried to use the Archimedes plugin, however I’m unable to use it here since I need it to interpolate between a set of pre-defined points, making it too time consuming to use on a large scale, and I’ve not been able to find any road plugins which are able to generate roads with elevation.

Here is a place which I’ve setup for testing the roads, please let me know if you have a method, plugin or script which would be able to generate roads from a set of points or would be able to generate a curve:

RoadGenerationTestingPlace.rbxl (1.2 MB)

OP has already said they tried Archimedes….

Archimedes doesn’t work for this project (as stated above) since:

  1. It takes quite a lot of time since I have to build it entirely manually, and cannot use the bezier points that I’ve setup
  2. Archimedes doesn’t have support for multi axis rotation, which is needed in this case in order to allow for the track to move up and down whilst turning (If the road was always flat it’d work, but in this case the road requires vertical elevation in places)

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