Movement Shooter Idea

recently i made a script that emulates physics in games like Quake and Half-Life really well, and i dont really have a use for it, and i would really like some ideas or feedback on some ways i could implement this into a game.

the script can do things like:
air strafing.
ramp launching.

Heres some ideas on what i could do.

Roblox Quake Boot-Leg:

litterally just quake but in roblox,

Movement Shooter with original consepts:

making a movement shooter with original consepts and fun gameplay, using the features that the script can do. (if this one happens i would need quite a few ideas for it)

HL Boot-Leg:

maybe like HL:DEATHMATCH or some other game.

Any ideas that might be fun:

litterally just that.

Thats really all, if you have any ideas or feedback that you would like to share, please do, im open to ideas you think will be fun, bye!!!


Could we see a clip? I think it will help everyone come up with ideas!

forgot to say that i also made my own gun system along with a viewmodel manager module with it,

heres a video of it.

i tried to show off as much of the system and physics as i could, sorry if its not good.

edit: the gun system is still being developed (its been atleast a year now lol) and has alot more features to be added (spread mainly)


That looks sweet! A arsenal like game would be cool! Or maybe making a parkour game? This is such a cool physics system! You should do a tutorial on it!

ill think about it, thank you for your suggestion!

just wanted to make another video of it working, this one looks and shows everything a lot better.


it really just shows off its ramp launching and surfing mechanic much better.


A movement shooter where you could defeat waves of enemies would be pretty cool.