Movement system similar to mario party

how could i make it so people can move from the a pad to another pad

i thought i could number them but that wouldn’t work because there are some portions in the map where you can go backwards and forwards through the parts.

pls give me ideas

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Perhaps an ObjectValue (or any method of storing a pad) storing the intended “next” path.

For pads that have a choice of where to go, store 2 or more ObjectValues (or whatever you use to store them) and have the game’s movement system prompt the player to choose which to pick. When there’s just one ObjectValue stored in a pad for which to move to next, simply move the player to that next pad with no prompt.

Like you said, only numbering the pads would cause a massive headache trying to figure out how to make that work so I recommend straying away from that idea given the fact that there’s plenty of intersections where you can take another path… The method I mentioned assumes the movement will work very similar to Mario Party where you can only move in one direction on some paths while still supporting intersections where you can choose paths.

thats a good idea but i dont think you understand what im saying so ill elaborate:

take this picture for example, if 2 people go they can move all around, no limits to which direction you can go

but i dont want them to be able to move like forward then immediately backward i want them to take a intersecting path or different way to go backwards