:MoveTo() dosent move everything inside the model

Hey there I have encountered a problem where the :MoveTo function does not move all of its contents to the arguments position. It is clear that the model is seperated as the blue box which surrounds the model is stretched out.

I have used the function on the client as i only want it to appear on a certain client

I would use model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(Cframe.new(5, 5, 5)) to move the entire model. Remember to set a primary part for the model

It is probably a network issue if you’re doing this on the client. What is it not moving?

It is moving some contents in the model, like the primary part but there are models inside the model and they are the ones which are not being moved

I would use setprimarypartpoaition if your model has a primary part.

I think move to will not respect nested models and will leave them as is. you can write some manual code to get around this pretty easily but if you can use primary part, you may as well just use that.

The bad thing is, i am trying to move a car and when if i move say its wheels to the desired part, it would not respect its position on the car and the wheels will just be on top of the part rather than connnected to the car

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i don’t think MoveTo() will be able to move nested models inside the targeted model, just like what @mc3334 said
edit: forgot to read the recent comment

Maybe you have to use weld.
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is their a alternative? (char)

unanchor everything in the nested models and weld every part inside them to the “primarypart” in the targeted model

I think there is a post similar to this, hope this helps.


-- When it moves the car: ALSO I would have the primary part the first child of the model then any child of the primary part or model should move
script.Parent:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(cframe.new(0, 0, 0))

i personally have stopped using SetPrimaryPartCFrame and prefer to use Roblox’s new Pivot system




-- create a CFrame
local cFrame1 = CFrame.new(0, 4, 0)

-- or we can create a CFrame like this
local cFrame2 = CFrame.lookAt(Vector3.new(0, 4, 0), Vector3.new(0, 4, -20))

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If you don’t know, :MoveTo() is deprecated, you should use :PivotTo(). PivotTo()


Either way they all work. Just try any of them

Did you rig your model? or are you using the roblox dummy plugin?

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If you attempted to use a custom model that you have not rigged and have not set the primary part then :MoveTo Will not work as it should. also make sure your hip-height is set to the right height and that the humanoid has health.

Also by anchoring parts you are disabling the :MoveTo feature meaning some parts will not be moveable so check that you didn’t anchor anything too.

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I am not using trying to move a character I am trying to move a car it was stated above