:MoveTo() Method Doesn't Work in ViewportFrames


I used the :MoveTo() method to move models inside viewport frames but it doesn’t work.
I checked for errors and I see no errors. It prints things just fine and everything else works fine except for moving a character model of me.





Here’s the place file to prove that the gltich exists.

Place file right here to prove that the glitch happens.
ViewportFrame MoveTo() Glitch.rbxl (39.4 KB)


It’s not a glitch, it’s just how MoveTo works. Try setting the CFrame of AstreastlaTest.HumanoidRootPart to CFrame.new(0,16,0).

Have you also checked that the Character model and the Plate parts aren’t welded to eachother somehow?


Yes. I did what you said and I still got the same results.

Here’s the updated place file that I modified it to your advice.
ViewportFrame MoveTo() Glitch- Trial 2.rbxl (38.9 KB)


This should work:


Thank you! The :TranslateBy() function works in viewport frames but not :MoveTo() method. It’s a good alternative function to use while :MoveTo() function in viewport frames is getting fixed.