Moving a brick with different rotation


I am attempting to achieve my building to be moved in the orientation it is already. Currently I can only move it on a 20° so they do not fit exactly next to each other. Anyone that knows how I can make it much easier to move so I can get rid of doing much more work to achieve the same result? I have tried the pivot but that doesn’t seem to work in my case.


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press CTRL + L or CMD + L on a mac

Set the Primary Part of the Model (select the model in the Explorer window if it’s grouped with other items)
Make sure the Primary Part is something that’s square to the building, like the floor.
When you select the model it’ll rotate/move around that part.

If you have a group of models or Parts that you want to rotate around a certain part you can use the Studio Build Suite Plugin to select a bunch of Parts and rotate them around a pivot part, or the edge of a Part.

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You are currently in global orientation mode, but it seems like the road and the building isn’t at a right angle with the global axis, so you need to use local orientation mode.

As @iscriptfast said, use Ctrl + L to switch between Local and Global axis.

I hope this helped. Good luck.

CTRL + L has indeed helped and is a fast shortcut. Thanks for responding @iscriptfast @Scottifly and @MechanicalCore . Have a nice day all!

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The only issue is that if you aren’t building square to the X,Y,Z axes then using Ctrl L won’t help you out.
Another tip is if you are selecting a bunch of Parts Studio will change the orientation based on the first (or maybe the last?) Part you selected. Try with 3 differently angled Parts, then select all 3 together in different orders to see what I mean.
If you change your selection order you can customize the orientation of the tools too.

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so I solve his issue and he marks your answer as solution
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