Moving a Model Along Z-Axis with Constant Velocity and Maintaining Player Collisions

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing a challenging issue while working on my Roblox project and could really use some assistance.

Problem Description:

I have created a Model composed of several Parts. My goal is to move this entire Model (with all its Parts connected) along the Z-axis at a constant speed, which is defined by a local variable vel (where vel can be any value representing the desired speed of the Model).

I have tried the following methods to achieve this:

  1. Using TweenService to move the Model.
  2. Repeatedly using PivotTo() within a loop.

Both methods successfully move the Model; however, I encounter a significant problem with collisions. When the Model is in motion, players can pass through it as if there are no collisions. However, when the Model is stationary, collisions work perfectly fine.

Request for Help:

Could anyone guide me on what I might be doing wrong? Additionally, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could suggest a proper and effective method to move an entire Model along the Z-axis at a constant velocity while maintaining functional collisions with players.

Thank you in advance for your help!

try Linear Velocity, but make sure to weld all parts first. you can remove the welds after finishing with a loop

I tried using LinearVelocity, but I’m encountering other issues. The object that needs to move is a large panel with dimensions 40, 20, 1. Wherever I apply LinearVelocity, the object falls due to gravity, whereas during the movement I need it to remain vertical (unfortunately, I can’t use Anchored, otherwise the object won’t move). Do you have any other suggestions to solve this problem?

try to anchor it after the velocity ends?