Moving a whole model with plugin

So I just want to move this model to another part using this plugin I’m making. But I can’t find something that will move the whole model to a Pacific part without changing it’s orientation too. Please help

Use SetPrimaryPartCFrame(new CFrame * old orientation in radians)

I actually tried that. I thought about just moving a single part with the orientation I like then move the model to that part.

What about using

name of model:MoveTo(pos)


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I did that but it won’t put the block inside another part it just gets it a close as possible without intersection. But I actually ended up using that.

Set a PrimaryPart to your model and use:

Sorry but that doesn’t work got any ideas

Use this module and change some code to make it move the model.

The way this module moves a model is that it welds all the parts in the model to a the primary part and then it gives the primary part a new position.

You would first need to set a primary part for the model, which is preferably the part that is in the center. You would then have to use the model:MoveTo method, which takes a vector3 as the argument

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