Moving an Image Position based on a UDIM2 Position

I am trying to make a map, I currently have the function of the map pointer moving and it works perfect with the image while stationary, however, I am having trouble with the map image staying in conjunction with the pointer. If it helps, imagine the map on gta 5 where the map moves as your character moves. I tried setting the anchor point to the pointer and updating the image position, I also tried using the map origin and subtracting that by a conversion factor of .5 but I am still lost and would love an explanation if someone could explain the logic, thanks.

For reference, here is what I have so far:

Google … Roblox “How to create a Mini Map in Roblox Studio Tutorial”
Not sure if I can post links to other sites here … so. That’s a Tutorial on Youtube.

I made the minimap. It works perfectly, now I am trying to change the maps position to also move with the mouse pointer. A lot of those tutorials are just using a viewport frame and copying it inside of that frame, then updating the workspace’s camera. Here , I am using math to get the maps size, center, and a conversion factor to update the pointer. None of those tutorials that I have seen has what I am looking for.

For reference, here is what I have:

This is assuming you’re using scale for the blue dot in the minimap.

Use the same scale value (the X.Scale and Y.Scale value you used for the blue dot) and use that as the anchor point of the minimap. The minimap’s Position property must be 0.5, 0, 0.5, 0.


It still just puts it above the dot instead of going where it is, it does move the map in the correct direction though.

I am noticing when I use, 0, 0.81, 0) instead of 0.5,.05, its more accurate towards the dot but not quite, do you know why this would be?

EDIT: I manage to get it working now, thanks for your help

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