Moving Character with Velocity

Hello everyone!
Just wanting to ask a few questions.
Im making a slide system, and i want to make it so that the player moves with velocity…
Although its not really possible for me since i have to use BodyVelocity (which is deprecated) or turning on PlatformStand. When turning on platform stand and then moving the humanoidrootpart with velocity, it has a good chance of flinging the character which is not what i want.

My current attempt is :

--hrp being humanoid rootpart and hum being humanoid.
hum.PlatformStand = true
hrp.AssemblyLinearVelocity = hum.MoveDirection * 20

Now, im relatively new to roblox physics side and the constraints, but im willing to learn!
If you have any constraints that can replace BodyVelocity Perfectly (For character not parts) I’d love to try it out, thanks!

There’s a couple of non-deprecated body movers that would allow for a sliding motion. I was able to find LinearVelocity and VectorForce.

LinearVelocity applies forces to the character in an attempt to make it move at a certain specified speed on each axis, while VectorForce is a constant Vector3 force that does not change based on other velocities of the assembly.

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Alright thank you! I will try both constraints and see which one fits best

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