Moving hole in the ground

I want to make a game where there is a hole in the ground that eats things that gets bigger over time. I want it to be similar to the holes in Hole Simulator (Hole Simulator - Roblox)

I was wondering how i would go about this. Unions seem inefficient, but I cannot think of another way to do it. If you guys have any ideas, please let me know.



You could use collision groups. I guess they did it like this:
Create a collision group that doesn’t collide with the floor, create an union with a hole in the midle to be a collider(so bigger things(relative to the hole) won’t simply go through the floor) and use a script to detect objects over the hole and change their collision group


I will try it. I do not know much about collision groups, so once I research and try it, I will get bak to you.

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oooh i know this one! this is gonna be a mind numbing load of math but you would need todo something similar to what portal does if I’m understanding what you want todo correctly. To create a hole which you can see the objects fall in you would need a modified version of what ego moose made here

They worked perfectly! Thank you

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