Moving multible screens from another script

NOTE: I’m not a scripter and don’t know how to do these advanced things!

I have 5 screens that can be moved up and down, but I like to make a button that controls (moves up and down) all of the screens (like a master button).
I have searched the devforum and have not found a solution.

A made this awful image to show what I’m trying to achieve.

I would like that somebody (like a real scripter who knows to script) to come up with a script that controls all of the screens (Wanted Script on the Image)

Just for Clarification the Lift (1-5) All have the same contents and scripts.

-This is the Post Script on the image (This is the same across all five lifts)

main = game.Workspace.Screens
door = script.Parent
door1 = door.DoorModel:GetChildren()
button = door.liftboard.SurfaceGui.up
val = door.Value
poop = door.DoorModel

	val.Value = val.Value + 1
	if (val.Value>1000) then
		val.Value = val.Value - 1
	if (val.Value <= 1000) then
			for i=1, 100 do
				for j=1, #door1 do
				poop:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(poop:GetPrimaryPartCFrame() *,.020,0))

I would be very thank full if somebody could come up with this script.
If any more info is needed then I will happily provide!