Moving my game to a group broke it

Hi everyone, hope all is well.

So, I’m trying to move my game to my group by Publishing it as another Roblox game (Alt + Shift + P) located in my group. It broke the functionality of certain UI such as the time for how long a person spent playing the game broke and UIs randomly pop out (such as the new map selector which is still WIP and shouldn’t show up) after certain actions such as quitting a level. I don’t know what to do.

What do I even include here, media-wise? Please let me know if you want to see screenshots/videos of this occurring, though I doubt it will help.

(I have copied the Game Settings onto the new one as well, and modified certain codes like Animation IDs and badges)

Thanks :slight_smile:
(P.S sorry if this is the wrong category)

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Can you show errors? That would be helpful.

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There isn’t anything, unfortunately. I would for sure mention it! Sorry if that was unclear. :frowning:

I guess if this helps, the only error I’m getting is one of my scripts not detecting my UI (although it’s there) in the new game. In the old one, it works fine. I didn’t temper with it.

I assume that “Debug” is a Bool Value instance.

There’s a chance that you accidentally deleted certain instances which causes scripts to break while doing the game transfer.

Nop, debug is not a BoolValue, it’s actually a UI that gives me information about attributes of the game (per say “Attempts” or if person is on phone, etc)

If you don’t mind me asking, how could I have accidently deleted certain instances? I did not delete anything at least willingly, I don’t know if anything got removed in the process of transferring. Though, I’ve also tried cleaning out the new game to a fresh baseplate almost (no traces of the imports) and imported everything from old to new slowly, starting from Workspace. To no avail…

My aplogies for doubting you.

Try using :FindFirstChild() or :WaitForChild() for the script to find the UI

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Oh no, you’re okay! I have done that, it did fix it. Though the UI remains with the same problem .v.

If you would like, I can upload footage comparing the old game to the new game and show you the difference of what’s happening!

Would be useful. Since the resources is quite limited.

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So, I may have realized something as I was recording. I’ve noticed that this issue is now persisting on the old game. I have no idea why. It could have been a missed bug or something although when we checked it before transferring, it was fine. I’ll update you if I manage to fix both and see if any other issues happen!

I know this may seem really bland, I’m really sorry. I just noticed this…

Glad the problem is found. Sorry if I didn’t help much.

No worries at all! I actually appreciate the time! Sorry if I wasted your time actually. I’m hoping that the issue stops persisting and that it’s a silly bug that I have missed. If anything, it’s my fault for not paying attention. Also, you’ve helped me find the problem unironically because I was not expecting to record the bug on the old game too haha.

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