Moving platform doesnt carry player

Hi im working on a moving train using the moon editor but when the animation plays it just slips off the block instead of sticking to the block.

  • What are you attempting to achieve? A moving platform where when the player moves on it they dont fall off
  • What is the issue? The player doesnt move with the platform
  • i want it to work a bit like how the train in the wild west moves where i can jump and stay moving with it.

This is my first post so if i got anything wrong please say
Is it in the right category or have i not specified somthing?

It’s because you need to use a BodyMover like LinearVelocity for the player to move with the part. If you just CFrame it using animations, it won’t move the player on it.

Using CFrame is recommended, but to use it like that you must do it on the client and change the Assembly...Velocity properties of the part accordingly.