Moving scale handle does nothing if too close to handle

There is a bug in Roblox Studio where moving the part scaling handle to change the size of the part does nothing if the camera/user is positioned too close to the handle.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open any game in Roblox Studio
  2. Select the Scale tool and a decently-sized part or union
  3. Move close to one of the scaling handles
  4. Click, hold, and drag one of the scaling handles to resize the part

Expected Result
The scaling handle should follow the mouse cursor’s movement and change the size of the selected part.

Actual Result
Nothing happens. The scaling handle stays locked in its place without moving and the part’s size does not change despite the mouse cursor clicking, holding, and dragging the scaling handle elsewhere.

Video showing bug


  1. This bug was not discovered recently. It had been occurring for a while before this report was made.
  2. It seems to only affect parts of a certain minimum size or some condition relating to size.

We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and will follow up when we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!


I turned on a flag which should fix this last week. Can you confirm that it’s resolved?

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I can confirm that it’s fixed. Thank you! However, it may have caused a new bug… please see my new bug report!

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