Moving scenery: Best way to achieve? Any tips?

So currently I am trying to create an effect of clouds moving past the player quickly and so far have something that looks alright. It’s not the best but I am not going for a totally high-quality effect or anything.

Here is what I currently have:

I notice some bumps which cause the effect to look a little off and not seamless.

I currently am using TweenService to get the part with the image to move to the end of the floor block and repeat however I realise I will need an image that loops or is similar on both sides.

Has anyone got any suggestions for how to achieve this better or a place I can get images that would work for this? Thanks in advance.


why not try using beams and you can simply set the texture, and here is a tutorial that you can follow.


Thank you! I’ll take a look. :upside_down_face:

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Honestly best way would be moving parts, you could do a simple Cframe script of an object (duck, or any kind of birds) flying across and it can spin around and go back the other way making it look more realistic.

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I have done this now and it looks amazing. Thank you both for suggestions.

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