Moving things over 1024 studs

Hello developers! Simple question here for ya’ll.

I have a space station, and an Earth with an atmosphere. Although I know this isnt the real life altitude of the ISS, I want to put it 191.6km above sea level (628,935.31 studs). How could I achieve this? As the maximum amount of studs you can set it to is 1024 studs, which isn’t really going to work for me.



…can you elaborate on why you need such a large scale?

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My guess is OP is trying to do something as-close to real scale.

I am needing it to be so big, because I have a very accurate Atmosphere, quite similarly scaled to real Earth. I also need this for things like the moon.

I mean, if you really want to, you can slap in a mesh inside (not meshpart, like mesh, the purple ones) and extend the size to however much you’d like. Warning however, collisions will not work with it if you intend to have collisions.

While Roblox does have a distance limit, it’s not set to 1,024 studs. It’s highly advisable that you don’t move things too far out, though. The further away you are from 0,0,0; the more prevalent z-fighting becomes.

As you can see from this image below, I was able to position it exactly where you wanted it in terms of height.



Z-fighting would also happen below 0,0,0? (Decreasing FallenPartsDestroyHeight. Alot.)

Yes. It happens in any direction. Which is why it’s advised that you don’t make maps too large. And if you’re making something 1:1 with it’s real-life counterpart, make sure it isn’t something that’s obscenely large.

There is no maximum, just edit the position in properties. However, I do not recommend you do this, a better idea might be to scale down your world so it is still realistic but the numbers you are using are not so large. The larger your numbers the more likely that bugs will occur

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Like the other posts say, it’s gonna either be impossible or extremely difficult to even pull this off. If you wanna try, you could possibly split it up into different places with each being an x amount large, but I don’t know you’d be able to ensure 1 place is in position correctly with the others.

Thanks for your inputs everyone

As you go so far from the origin, floating point precision is lost and rendering and physics becomes very inaccurate and jittery. Consider using a smaller scale.

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I believe one stud is one foot so use this conversation equation and it should solve your problem.

KM > Feet > Studs

F3X displays how many studs you move an item. The increment can go past your request, however moving a part that much is pretty tedious.