MP5 Fire Mode System

Took me a few hours, but I’ve finally scripted a fire mode system for an MP5 model. I’m working on importing more models and scripting their fire mode systems, too.

I’m going to be changing the camera perspective into a 3rd person perspective and a more interactive cursor/crosshair.

What do you guys think so far of this? Any suggestions?


Hey, thats very cool. However I think the firerate is a bit too much.


Thanks! I’m trying to base it off of the real MP5 in real life. I think they both shoot at the same firerate?


Pretty nice system, I think you should try add some animations. You might find this thread interesting if you want to animate reload animations and gun movement.

I think the UI could be improved, you should maybe try make the character rotate to face the direction they are firing. Also try add a recoil affect where the screen shakes, you can use this module down below I use it in almost every project.


It’s cool but it doesn’t work like AimBlox AimLab guns, which is a problem as most people won’t be used to it.
Also, it should be FPS or TPS.


I just finished coding a third person perspective. What do you think now?

I still need to work the animations and camera shake, but I’m only a one-person team. :’(

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