Mr DevForum (Discord Bot)

I’m making a bot which interacts with DevForum (of course there’s limits due to me not being able to create an API key.)

Should I include more info? If so, what info?
Should I remove info? If so, what info?
Should I edit the layout? How?

I don’t really like how much space the bio takes, so I might either remove the bio entirely or just remove whitespaces.

Lemme know what you think.

Give me other command ideas too - ;whois is the only one currently.

APIs and NPM Packages

Packages (NPM)

This looks pretty good!
Maybe a way to see top announcements?


I was considering this - Discourse itself doesn’t have a documented request on it (as far as I know) which means I’d need to use the /categories.json request I think - pretty sure that contains topics and info I can use to make a URL

(Sorry just sending this as a note for myself too lol)


You should remove moderator and admin, not many devforum members are mods or admins. also the title isn’t important if you can view groups.


I disagree you should keep the mod and admin roe.


I think a command you could add is DevForum linking so players can link their DevForum Account to their discord account and people can run commands for ex. ;whois @iiRealistic_Dev then it’ll show you their account with a link that you can click to access their profile.

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I’ll definitely do a ;link or ;verify command using DevForum bios (because it’d be easier for one)

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This is amazing. Which discord library did you use?

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I just use discord.js on its own. When I release the bot, I’ll open-source it so you can see stuff too if you like.

This is… Really cool, I can see this being used in the ROBLOX Discord Server, HD Discord Server, Etc Etc, Because dang! That’s super cool, I love how this could be used for so many things, Like being able to check player’s through discord if they have Ro-Ver or other Roblox Bots that link their username to their account. But seriously, Really cool.

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This is an interesting project. But I don’t really know how this would be useful if implemented. What was the reason that you made this bot? (I’m am just curious.)

Swell job with this! Keep it up because this looks really good!

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Sometimes people just want info quicker than the having to open DevForum then search - the ;whois won’t be the only command when the bot itself is released - I was thinking about adding DevHub support either in this (to quickly find articles from Discord) or possibly make another bot, not sure which, if either, I’ll do.

Hopefully it’ll be more obviously useful when I finish the bot entirely.

What API(s) does this bot utilize?

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OP mentioned that he uses Discourse API

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Like @alihsaas said, I use the Discourse API (it’s slow to load)

I’ll make an edit to the main post for people wanting to know the API & NPM Packages used

When will this be released? Im excited!

Pretty soon - there’s stuff I still wanna work on before releasing though