Mr_bokboy's portfolio (new scripter)

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a scripter. I have little experience and am looking for someone or some group that is willing to teach me and help me get better as a scripter and possibly teach me other skills (I know basic stuff). If someone is willing to tutor me that would be great.


I don’t have any examples as I am new.


I am available more in a week and more due to the lockdown.


I don’t care about payment and am willing to get no payment. And if you want to tutor me I unfortanatly can’t pay you so I can help you make games and help with other stuff.


You can contact my discord. Mr. pok#8059

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hi! I just want to say I may consider having you come in to help with a game! We don’t have robux to pay currently, but we can teach you some things! Shoot me a private message if you are interested!

I sincerely don’t recommend doing commision nor projects if you are new to programming, if you have some valid examples or you can perform tasks without using free models, then it would be greater. :slight_smile: