|| MrDoom's 3D Clothing Devlog #1 ||


It all started back in May of 2021, I made my very first Character with 3D Clothing in ROBLOX Studio, it wasn’t very pretty but it was a good attempt, I Always wanted to make R6 3D Clothing like how TDS did it I mainly got inspired from them, It just looked so cool Over the course of 1 Year I’ve always been making 3D Clothing and getting better without even knowing, I’ve gotten better at Modeling 3D Clothing and do it as a Hobby, soon enough I will start learning Blender soon to get even better than just using ROBLOX Studio, It was def worth it too, So now I’ma start a Devlog and show even more progress of me getting better all the way till 2023 of May!

Whats In Store For Me?

Today, I have 5 Rigs Created, I have a Female Archer, Scout from TF2 with 2 Outfits, and a new Outfit for one of my already made Rigs “Mechanic”, there is now currently 19 Rigs in total

What About the Rigs?

They are Animatable, Posable, and more!
You can use them as playable characters, animations, GFX, etc.



Scout ( 2 Outfits Included )

==================== Scout (Playtime)

Mechanic ( Day Off )

Golden Felix

MrDoom’s Rigs ( Insludes 19 Rigs in total with these 5 Rigs shown in Screenshots )


I would like to Show All the Skins but I really havn’t practiced much in Formatting, as soon as I get better and learn how to make a small triangle to show each skins I’ll show a lot more.


Also I’m looking for more Ideas from others to see on what king of Rigs to make, If you got one tell me I’ll try to make it and put it in the next Devlog & DM you screenshots, plus the next Rig I make with be the 20th one in the Rigs

Maybe make a king, just an idea

I like these, luckily they are animatable

im bookmarkin for absolute no reason

Nice job! You should turn this into a game so more can see this beautiful creation

O I already did, it’s a testing game where players can sword fight and get cash to buy skins.