Mrflashmaster21 | Scripting Portfolio

Hello, I’ve been scripting on the Roblox platform ever since around mid 2017. Normally I spend most of my free time working on projects of my own or doing commissions. Aside from my scripting, I have experience in modeling, animating, UI design, and various other components of game design. I’m experienced in just about all aspects of scripting on Roblox, but I enjoy making front end gameplay systems the most such as vehicles and weapons.

• My Work •


Shuttlecraft with fairly straightforward flight scripts.

Phaser rifle and transporter system with some special effects.

Personal Projects

[Seas of Conflict] Features a wide variety of advanced systems.

[Colesburg] A massive combat and exploration game created for my military group, some of the scripts here are outdated.

[Fort Bradley] A training facility game created for my military group, also has lots of outdated scripts.

Open Source

[Checkers Board] Checkers board designed for solo usage, primarily for testing and to view the code.

[Handcuffs Tool] Handcuffs & arrest system.

[Teleport Tool] Simple click to teleport tool.

[Auto Weld] Simple auto weld script.

You can contact me here on the developer forum or through Discord. My discord tag is Mrflashmaster#6525.


Amazing dude, very helpful helps me with stuff when it breaks. Fast worker zero disappointments, totally suggest Mrflash 100%. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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