MS-DOS Recreation (WIP)

This is a work in progress, all ideas welcome.

Authentic font, syntax, formatting, resolution, color palette. This is not complete but a good base to work with, and it’s part of a larger project.



Bad command or filename

Are you going to enforce strict 8.3 filenames and all the other horrors that existed under DOS. Which version(s) are you aiming to recreate? I think you should slow down the draw rate. Just doing a DIR on a 286 was slooowwwww. Ha.

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How’d you get the custom font in roblox? It doesnt look like the default 8bit one
And of course, great work

It’s called VCR mono

Might be incorrect but this is one that looks similar to it

you could probably copy the font, store it in a table and replace any characters with the custom font characters

just like utf characters

also found these

This is really cool, thanks for sharing. I love the font accuracy. You should make it play Liero!

Also the creaking noises like the computer is about to fall apart if you type the wrong command! (I think this was the disk being read?) Adding keyboard sounds when a key is pressed would be cool too if you’re going for an immersion effect! An obnoxious beep when the computer starts up as a cherry on top.


Thank you so much, this will be so useful!