MSCO | RP Server

MSCO | RP Server
Unofficial Group
RP Rulers
(Failure to follow rules will result in a kick or ban)


  1. Listen to all Moderators & Administrator Team+
  2. Do not abuse tools
  3. Do not spawn kill [Do not kill people innocent]
  4. Do not try to glitch cars
  5. Do not RDM (Random killing)
  6. Follow the NLR (New life rule)
  7. Follow US traffic laws
  8. Do not disrespect any player, moderator team & administrator team.
  9. Do not impersonate any staff member
  10. Do not abuse the !help command
  11. Do not ask for admin or say anything about administrator & moderator
  12. Do not spam chat
  13. SD/KSP Can not sit at civ spawn they must patrol
  14. If you are playing as an LEO, you’re not allowed in the civ- spawn unless you’re A: being shot at or B: a player is abusing the green zone such as spending a long period of time in the spawn.
  15. In the public game you have no control over fans/supporters

This is for the players that don’t have discord app, ROBLOX don’t accept discord links, so I can’t give you discord link.

This is about why I can’t send links Reminder Regarding Permissible Links

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