MSK | Affiliate Information

Affiliate Information


If you’re interested in affiliating with MSK, please review the following information very carefully. If you meet our requirements, and decide to apply please make sure your answers are detailed and conveying enough. All alliance applications will be read and executed fairly. If you don’t meet our requirements or your group is blacklisted from affiliating with us, you’ll automatically be declined.


➞ A member count is not set in-place yet, so there is no qualification for members.

➞ Group must show professionalism and maturity.

➞ Group must have a good reputation on the ROBLOX platform, and in our community.

➞ Your group has to be willing to announce all MSK events.

➞ Your group must have at least two people willing to represent your group, in our communications server.

➞ Your group cannot contain any bots, excluding ranking bots.

➞ Your group has to be willing to communicate with our Public Relations team.

➞ If you meet the qualifications and apply, you have to submit your application on a Google Doc.


If you meet our requirements, and want to affiliate with us, please send the application below with your answers included to a member of the Public Relations Department. If and when you send your application, you cannot ask for results and you have to accept the outcome. We have a full process for our Public Relations Department when it comes to incoming affiliates, so it may take a few days.

Affiliate Application

  1. Please state the name of your group, and the amount of members that you have.

  2. How would you be able to benefit us, and how would we be able to benefit you?

  3. Why does your group wish to affiliate with MSK?

  4. Over other groups out there that may want to apply, why should we accept your application?

  5. Please explain your group, and what it is all about?


If you have any questions about this information, feel free to contact a member of the Public Relations Department.