MSK | Promotion Information

Promotion Information


If you’re interested in taking your career to new heights at MSK, then please review all of the following information very carefully. We will include some things on how to achieve the Intern position. However, we cannot go into detail about some things due to confidentiality. Once you get this position, all information will be explained and described.


➞ Show maturity and professionalism.

➞ Must be a rank [9] Surgeon

➞ Must show good activity within MSK.

➞ Have a good reputation with no moderation or Compliance history in the past.

➞ Must be in our communications server.

➞ Must have safechat disabled.

➞ Shows respect towards everyone.

➞ Shows leadership skills by helping others in a helpful way. Meaning that you aren’t looking to help someone, just for the promotion.


If you’re a rank [9] Surgeon, you must first get recommended by a Supervisor+. If the recommendation gets approved by the Human Resources Department, you’ll then be promoted. After you get promoted to Intern, there is a process that you must complete first. If you pass, you’ll become a certified Intern. If you fail, you’ll stay as a [9] Surgeon until you get recommended again.


Hinting for a promotion is strictly prohibited at MSK. Hinting is when one says something along the lines of “I want to be an Intern!” or “You should promote me!”. If you hint for a promotion, it can and will lower your chances of being promoted significantly. If you hint to a point where its severe and effecting your job performance, you could face a promotion blacklist or a demotion. We overall have to recommend not to hint under any circumstances.


If you have any questions about this information, feel free to contact a member of the Human Resources Department. However, please remember some questions may not be answered due to confidentiality.