MT Updates and Info

Musket Testing Updates and Info


If you have any suggestions post them on the group wall (note that we are aware of full console/mobile compatibility suggestions as they have been mentioned many times. Meanwhile, some weapons do have compatibility.)

We are preparing for additional updates in the coming future to improve and expand capabilities in gameplay.

V1.6.10 Update on 11/19/2023

  • Loadout system, allows you to set what weapons you want to spawn with.
  • Accessory limit increased to 8 and hats limit increased to 3
  • (Copper Identifier)
Previous Updates

V1.6.9.(1) Update on 9/3/2023
  • Mobile camera reset bug fix
  • Backend changes
  • Added weapons:

du Premier Consul, 1858 Revolver, 25ft Pike, 6 barreled pepperbox, Axe, Bow, Charleville, Colt 1851 Navy, Colt Conversion, Discipline Cane, Rolling Block, Sharps Rifle, Springfields, Stick, Thai Sword, Trench Club, Webley, Winchester 1873C, Eagle-Head Sword, Enfield, Fusil Modele, Guarding Spear, Henry Rifle, Jaeger Rifle, Katana, Matchlock Musket, and Rancher’s Rifle.

  • (Dark stone Identifier) <> Happy 7 Year Anniversary of Scotvia

V1.6.8 Update on 5/22/2023
  • Full Mobile Compatibility on all firearms and melees
  • Inventory with placement saving, set your hotbar how you like and it’ll stick until you leave (Removed for now due to ~54% of players voting against it.)
  • Added outfits for Nobility, Austria, France, America and misc
  • Fixed issues with artillery ammo givers
  • Text Sign gamepass is now for sale
  • Other minor changes
  • (Magenta Identifier) <> Apologies for the wait, accepting more suggestions on the group wall.

V1.6.7 Update on 2/10/2023
  • Advanced Avatar Customization and Preset Outfits
  • Private servers now offer mod commands
  • Removed pjoin system
  • Added a smaller fort situated on a hill top

  • Minor update on 3/9/23 ~ Enabled Spatial VC as a test run.
  • (Carnation Pink Identifier)
V1.6.6 Update on 11/26/2022
  • Fixed the music system
  • Added pike and spear to ranged melee gamepass (lance)
  • Blunderbuss gamepass
  • Added highlander pistol, dagger and sword for everyone
  • Two two small fortifications were added
  • Bavaria was added
  • (Burnt Sienna Identifier)
V1.6.5 Update on 11/6/2022
  • Added stone fort to the spawn area. Contains cannons, mortars and various rp areas.
  • Added Poland and their respective flag
  • Updated France shako
  • Horse despawner
  • AC
  • (Orange Identifier)
V1.6 Update on 10/11/2022
  • Added several types of new artillery such as Gatling Gun (gamepass), Rockets, and Mortars. Rockets are available at the campsite and at the top of the mountain near spawn. Mortars are available at the fort and at the campsite. Gatling gun is available at the campsite and at the front of the cave, however the one at the cave performs worse than the one at the campsite. Scroll down for instructions on how to use and fire these new pieces of artillery.
  • Several nations were added to the pjoin system and were given their respective flags. These nations include Albania, Croatia, Serbia, India, and Bosnia.
  • A Custom Flag tool (gamepass) was added to the game.
  • Added backrooms badges, you must touch the post located next to the camp fire in order to receive the badge for a backroom.
  • Updated Prussian uniform shirt and pants. Also updated British uniform hats to be more detailed.
  • Improved pitch for cannons located at spawn. This means you can now fire at the mountaintops.
  • (Teal Identifier)
V1.5.3 Update on 2/26/2022
  • Ukraine (Cossacks) was added to the pjoin system and its color was added to the flag giver. Updates should be seen in new servers.
  • Fixed cannon swab’s and worms bugging out. They should work in new servers.
  • (Yellow Identifier)
V1.5.2 Update on 2/26/2022
  • Scotland was added to the pjoin system
  • (Hot Pink Identifier)
V1.5.1 Update on 1/4/2022
  • Native team added alongside its respective color in the flag giver.
  • Factions system where you can create or join a group of up to 25 other players. Factions save until they are disbanded.
  • (Grey Identifier)
V1.5.0 Update on 12/23/2021
  • Portuguese, Japanese, Ottoman, Philippines, Italian and Ethiopian teams added alongside their respective colors in the flag giver,
  • Added Chinese and Dutch flags that were previous unattainable in the flag giver.
  • Voicelines gamepass that allows you to shout orders.
  • Monarch Musket, Mobile-Compatible Musket and Pistol to public inventory.
  • Colt Army 1860 and Crossbow gamepasses.
  • Formed tunnels that have different purposes around the map.
  • Added minor props and a parade deck to the fort.
  • (Purple Identifier)
V1.4.1 Update on 7/21/2021
  • Added regimental flags
  • Added mystery items.
  • Custom redesigned Sabre and added Bolo melee.
  • (Blue Identifier)
V1.4 Update on 7/16/2021
  • Added several new countries including Sweden, Mexico, Spain, China, Switzerland and Holland.
  • Flags were moved from starterpack to the flag giver UI.
  • Added target dummies to the fort.
  • (Green Identifier)


You can currently choose from the following nations: Russia, America, Native, Prussia, Austria, France, Britain, Ukraine, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Scotland, China, Switzerland, Holland, Philippines, Ottoman, Portugal, Ethiopia, Japan, Italy, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, India, Bosnia and Bavaria.

To join a team simply wear an outfit from its category through the Customize button at the top of your screen. Press the Reset button in the Customization menu to return to your original Roblox avatar.


Musket Controls

Main Controls

Click to make ready.
F to present.
Click again to fire.
Press B to attach bayonet on certain guns.
Press X to go into bayonet mode.
Press Q to aim down sights.

Parade Controls

Press Z to be at ease.
Press T to turn your head to your right.
Press V to present arms.
Press N to right shoulder arms.
Press L to left shoulder arms.
Press K to carry arms.
Press H to parade rest.

Cannon Controls

  1. Swab the cannon.
  2. Take a round shot, canister or blank from the ammo box.
  3. Click the barrel of the cannon to put it in.
  4. Swab the cannon.
  5. Click the knob to man the cannon.
  6. Use W, A, S, D keys to control the cannon. F to fire.

On howitzers you always need to worm before swabbing for step 1. Howitzers are the cannons at the fort. For both howitzers and cannons you can press CTRL+BottomArrow in order to aim the cannon in first person.

Rocket Controls

  1. Take an explosive or shell rocket.
  2. Equip the rocket and click one of the top two rectangular parts.
  3. Find “Slow Match” in your inventory. Equip this tool and click the bottom of the rocket to fire.

Click the bottom of the rocket ladder in order to aim. Note that you cannot fire while aiming unlike with other forms of artillery.

Mortar Controls

  1. Find and equip the “Bucket” tool. Click the gunpowder barrel and load with your ideal amount of powder.
  2. Click the top of the mortar with the bucket equipped in order to load gunpowder.
  3. Click on a shell and then click on the top of the mortar to load a round. You can press backspace to let go of the round.
  4. Click the knob at the bottom of the mortar and press F to fire.

You must swab the mortar if it has been fired before. You can also click the gunpowder barrel again with the bucket equipped in order to dump previously loaded gunpowder.

Melee Controls

Axe and Sabre Controls

Click to swing.
Hold Right Mouse Button to guard.
Press H to present arms.
Press G to right shoulder arms.
Press T to turn your head to your right.
Press Z to be at ease.

Lance Controls

Click to prod with lance.
Hold Right Mouse Button to guard.
Press X to toggle between rest and combat modes.

Worm and Swab Controls

Press X to toggle between normal function and combat mode.

Press Left Mouse Button to strike once, hold to prepare a swing, release to let it swing.

Hold F while Charge is at 100% and while holding left mouse button. During this time you will have faster movement and charged hits will deal more damage.