Multi-mesh importing, being able to upload multiple meshes at once



I second that, any updates?


Bumping this. I’m trying to import my plane and I have more than 20 meshes to import. God forbid I make a mistake.


I feel you, I recently had to import over 90 separate meshes for one model, I was lucky I made no mistakes otherwise it would have been the end of me x.x

Edit: I do this mainly for color separation and for the sake of animating multiple joints, not because it’s a huge mesh or anything.


this should be a thing


this needs to be a thing for the sanity and quality of roblox developers and their games smh


Can we get a staff response on this thread? How feasible is this requested feature? Is it a possibility in the near future? Not having this really cuts down on our developer efficiency, especially for our builders and modellors.


I think this was discussed at RDC


Any more detail on that?