Multi-Player Sword fighting game [V1]

Multi Player Sword fighting game [V1]

                **By ScxiptedShark**

How it works
Once your join the game, youll be put into the lobby. you need 2 or more players to start. once 2 players are in a server, the round will begin. The last player standing gets currency called SwordBux that currently do nothing now. after the last man is standing. the round will end, and restart again


How to add maps:

  • Go into the maps folder in serverstorage
  • Duplicate the map and put it into workspace
  • Rename the duplicated map
  • add stuff to it (must be in the map model)
  • put it back in the folder in server storage

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I used this, but, Can you change It to obbies or minigames? If so, That’d be cool.

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It’s open sourced so I can only guess you can do it yourself?

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you can! just find the maps folder and customize it as much as you want. just dont delete the spawns and when yuo add stuff. make sure to add the stuff you add into the maps to the map model

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PS: to add minigames, you need to make it like a minigame. a guess

Okay, That’s fine by me. Thanks for your time, @ScxiptedShark!

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So is there any way I can make it so all players are teleported and the last person standing gets money, and then it changes to a new map :slight_smile:

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yes! if you want V1.1 with gamemodes. feel free!

Yes, but does the game automatically teleport all players or just 2

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it teleports all players. you need 2 players to start the round.
say if there ws only a single player, the round wouldnt start.
but if there was 2 players or above. the round would start and teleport all players

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:jack_o_lantern: Its halloween!
2 New maps {1 minigame,1 new map}
New halloween lobby
New Haloween Music
Major UI Changes
And More!

Let me know what you want next!

Ok thanks :slight_smile: Hopefully the instructions are in the game! This is a wonderful resource; keep up the good work!

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Also is it just me but I tested it and when a player dies they stay in the lobby forever :confused:

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welp. thats a bug! ill look more into it later

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